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When celebrating any Holiday, fangtastic food is always a part of the festivities and Halloween is no different.

Really when you think about it, the main event for Halloween is giving away food – albeit candy to trick or treaters dressed up in their costumes!

But for many of us who host Halloween parties we pride ourselves on setting out a devilishly decorated Halloween tables full of sinister sweets and other frightening food fare.

And of course since presentation always gets home haunting points, any Halloween table decorations are an important touch!

One decorating detail that can be lots of fun is your choice of Halloween salt and pepper shakers!

Vintage Halloween table decorations for those extra special decorating touches such as cute or spooky, unique Halloween salt and pepper shaker sets. Collectible ceramic Halloween holiday salt & pepper shaker.

While thrift shopping we found a vintage pair of creepy chicken shakers which because of how they were decorated back in the day, they looked like zombies!

So we picked them up because we knew that they would make a perfect decoration for our spooky Halloween table display!

All Good Decorating Ideas Start with Attention To Details

And Halloween salt and pepper shakers are a great decorating detail. So when any of us Halloween home haunters decorate our dinner tables during the Halloween season we should remember this tip if for no other reason than these little shakers are lots of haunting fun!

Some Great Halloween Shakers We Found Online

Ceramic Holiday salt and pepper shakers, purple classic witch boot table decorations. Grasslands Road Pretty Wicked Witch Boots unique Halloween salt and pepper shaker Collectible.

This 3-piece Shaker Set of ‘Pretty Wicked’ Witch’s Boots Shoes comes complete with a little pumpkin tray that has shoe prints to put the Salt Pepper Shakers into! Great for Halloween decorating or anything your table need a little extra black hat magic!

Halloween Ceramic salt and pepper shaker set, kissing vampires collectible table decorations

Ok, we all know that usually the idea behind Halloween decorating is too be scary and spooky but you can’t argue with these adorable hand painted ceramic vampire salt & pepper shakers. They are 4 inches tall and the best part is that they are magnetized so they stay kissing!

If you are huge fans of Halloween fun like us you just may use them to decorate your Valentine‘s holiday table!

Collectible nightmare before christmas salt and pepper shakers set, Jack Skellington images in a toe pincher coffin Halloween table décor idea

What Halloween party decorator wouldn’t want these Jack Skellington Shaker set adorning their haunted holiday table!?

These don’t need any further adieu, these salt and pepper shakers are just plain Halloween haunting fun!

Scary Grim Reaper Halloween salt and pepper shakers. Decorate your Haunted table for your Halloween party in spooky style.

And finally for the darker Halloween decorator here is a Grim Reaper Salt & Pepper shaker set perfect for the Halloween table setting that will accent the Diening Room!

Of course there are many more Spooky Salt Shakers and Petrified Pepper Mills to choose from when decorating your Hallowen table.

And no matter which you chose remember that these little ceramic pieces will add seasoning to your Haunted season!

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