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Zombie Fashion Statement!

Scary stand up full size zombie in Screaming Scarecrow’s home haunt, great outdoor prop decorationAhhh Zombies! It appears to us that the undead seem to be rising up everywhere now-a-days. From movies to music, even Toys to Tattoos the real zombie invasion has been into our pop culture

An invasion that one could probably say, had its birth with George A. Romero’s celebrated 1968 film Night of the Living Dead.

I mean who doesn’t love a good zombie movie with hoards of decaying undead shuffling about looking for brains and warm flesh! Most Everybody right?!

Sure, sure some folks complain that they smell like grave dirt and rotten flesh while others are altogether uptight and put off about the whole, “Braaainns, I’m gonna eat your Braainns” business.

Then you get the critics, people that are down on the zombie nation because maybe “they don’t think like us“ or “Why do they have to be so slow” and “What’s up with their ripped hobo clothes”

Well today’s Zombie may not be able to score any PR points with their personal hygiene nor are they likely to curb their tendency to spread the infectious re-animator retro virus due to being stricken with CBD (compulsive biting disorder)

However! The lurking lunatics at Screaming Scarecrow (especially the female ones) are happy to see that these, often docile, gentle creatures (when no one with a pulse is nearby) have taken a step of fashion redemption in a pair of new shoes!

Check Out These HOT Zombie Fashion Shoes!

If you’re going out to do the zombie shuffle this Halloween season – You may want a pair of these crazies on your feet so that you can step out in horrific style!!

Hot Sexy Zombie shoes by Iron Fist. Zombie Fashion, horror clothingLadies Zombie Stomper Platform in Black/Green by Iron Fist Clothing

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Creepy Zombie Free Halloween Image, free haunted halloween artwork Zombie Head, Halloween images for freeHope you enjoy these! All of our Female Zombie fan friends are salivating! Isn’t that right ChicAwesome?
Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.
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