I May Not Have Been Born This Way



I May Not Have Been Born This Way
But I Sure Wanna Look This Way
At Least For Halloween

Every year, come October, we are faced with the same struggle; what to choose for our Halloween costume. Usually we are wrapped up worse than an Egyptian mummy, so busy planning and building our home haunt that we never really give our costumes as much attention as we should.

Well this year, inspiration has come early to the Scarecrow’s pumpkin patch in the form of the Lady Gaga video “Born This Way”. Say what you will about her, we think she is talented and does some pretty cool theatrical stuff.

Halloween face paint inspirationInspiring face paint from Lady Gaga video, for Halloween costume

During this video she and a male model are wearing Tuxedos and have their faces done with what looks like an amazing air brush makeup job. Just really wicked face paint – perfect for Halloween.

Mrs Scarecrow & I both exclaimed at the same time, “Coooool! That would be a great Halloween costume”! So Inspired by this video (great song btw) we believe we are going to go for this look for next Halloween party!

Watch her video on YouTube

It may be a little raunchy for younger / some viewers.
(Skeletal Face Paint first seen at 4:10)

Listen To Song Samples

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