2011 Zombie Walk



Zombies Walking For Food!!

Screaming Scarecrow in a Zombie Halloween Costume with face paint zombie makeup

Last Halloween when we decided that we would take a break from haunting our home – many friends, neighbours and fans of our haunt ask the same question,

“What are you going to do if you‘re not decorating for Halloween?!!”

Well actually the answer to that is quite simple…

All the great Halloween things that everybody else does that we never get to because we’re too busy setting up our haunt!

And shuffling along in the 2011 Zombie Walk is just one of those things!

Most major cities have some form of a Zombie Walk and ours is no different.

This year the 2011 lurching brain fest was held as a food drive for the Winnipeg Harvest.

The city’s police estimated that some 1,200 of us decomposing, flesh eating, living-challenged took to the streest and terrorized (in a fun way and for a good cause) downtown.

The walking dead zombies ready to take downtown and search for brains, getting into costume at home

Myself and a faithful member of our home haunt’s skeleton crew tossed on some Halloween zombie makeup then pulled on some warm socks and headed out into the chilly October night in search of Braaaains!

And not surprisingly, when we reached the kick off point for the undead shuffle, there were plenty of brain munching zombies to be found!

While some infected members of the zombie horde had an eye out looking for fresh meat…

Brains and zombies you can‘t have one without the other when dressing up for Halloween zombies are a great costume and these folks did a scary job!!
One eyed zombie make during the 2011 Winnipeg zombie walk, great makeup
The family the haunts together has fun during the Halloween season together! Classic grey blue zombie makeup!

A lonely prophetic voice in the urban wilderness rang a forlorn bell and cried warnings of the approaching zombie apocalypse!

This guy obviously didn’t read “The Zombie Survival Guide” from Max Brook or else he’d be fleeing the chomping teeth that swept towards him carried on a tide of shuffling feet!

Prophet the zombie apocalypse is nigh! Great zombie walk costume

There were all manner of the walking dead in attendance and the sheer numbers choked the street and brought traffic to a stand still.

Dead zombie bride costume - Great for zombie walk also great for a Halloween costume
Screaming Scarecrow shuffling in the Winnipeg 2011 zombie walk
Three pack of the walking dead! Awesome Zombie makeup and costumes!
Awesome walking corporate zombies carrying a suitcase full of brains!

Helpless motorist simply had to wait for the wandering horde of infected meat sacks to shamble past hoping they wouldn’t get an infecting bite.

Most “victims” seemed to take it all in in a good natured way while some of the un-dead left behind bloody reminders of the occupants narrow brush with death.

Even the occasional body part was some times left behind clinging to windows and trying to wiggle its reanimated self into the interior.

Zombie blood effeccts
Halloween candy used as a zombie walk finger prop
scary bloody zombie hand print, Halloween season zombie walk

With no escape as hundreds of zombies poured pass his car window all one travel could do was channel his nail biting terror into an awesome zombie sketch!

That was awesome dude!

classic Halloween undead creature artwork during zombie walk for Winnipeg harvest food bank

And still the hordes of the walking dead kept lurching forward, a moaning mass of meat munching madness!

Crowds of warm blooded spectators lined the street to watch in “horror”.

Scary Victorian zombie lady costume and makeup during zombie walk
Corporate suit zombies chewing on a victims arm, Halloween prop
Skull bone zombie makeup during shuffle downtown
2011 Zombie Walk in full shamble, street is packed with the walking dead
Edith got bit and her zombie infection is so bad that even a bloody head shot doesn‘t take her out! Now that‘s zombie power!!

Of course when hell is full and the dead walk the earth you‘ll find the Zombie Control Unit responding to the un-holy terror stalking the city streets in an attempt to control the virus before it spreads to all mankind!

Crack shot members of the elite zombie hunting black ops team were also on hand trying to stem the tide but of course there was too many walkers and too few bullets.

Defences finally fell to a rag tag group of mercenary zombie hunters with their sharpen head severing tools of the trade.

Responding to the biohazard apocalypse is the zombie response unit hoping to control the virus out break!
Zombie hunters with automatic weapons try to contain the viral outbreak
mercenary zombie hunters participate the Zombie Walk as gas masks protect them from the killer virus! Great Halloween costume

And it was a good thing that there was some defence marshalled against the onslaught of the viral outbreak

Because as the infection mutated, the virus produced scarier and crazier zombies!

Scary zombie face makeup for Halloween Zombie walk
Insane zombie escapee from an asylum - scary Halloween costume
Freaky Mutated undead fiend costume and makeup at 2011 zombie walk

Of course what makes any event a lot of fun to be a part of is how much effort other folks put into their costumes and role playing.

This being the 1st zombie horde that we’ve participated in we’d have to say it was a great time even though we only shuffled along till the forks.

awesome Zombie bride costume and makeup
Zombie Groom street performer eating fire!
Zombie crowds doing the 2011 Zombie Walk during the Halloween season
Zombie clown like in zombieland
zombie hoard takes over downtown during walk
Screaming Scarecrow as a fast rage zombie with an undead Viking warrior!

If you‘ve never shambled along with 1200 or so other zombies we recommend it!

Especially if you are raising food for the less fortunate because HUNGER is far scarier than Zombies any day of the year not just at Halloween.

And where else could you possibly ever hang out with a 1000 year old Viking Zombie!

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Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

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