2011 Halloween Night Decorations



We think that most of the other home haunteres out there will agree that is you‘re handing out candy you need to also have some Halloween decorations and props set out for the tricker or treates to also enjoy!

This year we took holidays from setting up our major Home Haunt and we apologize to everyone who expressed their disappointment but we had fun this year doing all the great Halloween things that the civilians get to do!

But still, we couldn‘t not setup a token haunted display – so just after 1:00pm in the afternoon on Halloween day itself – this is what we threw together…

(Note: we carved 20 fo the 31 pumpkins into Jack O lantern the night before)

Hope you enjoy our last minute Halloween décor!

Screaming scarecrow home haunting empty driveway scary Screaming scarecrow Halloween with many jack pumpkin decorationsJack o lantern decorating on Halloween NightSkulls and pumpkin Halloween decorations for our 2011 Halloween Home HauntScreaming scarecrow’s 2011 Halloween Home Haunt haunting with jack o lanterns and carved pumpkin decorationsspooky faces carved in Halloween pumpkins outdoor decoratingScary Jack lantern pumpkin décor for outdoor decorating 2011 home haunt screaming scarecrowHaunted Halloween coffin prop with a scary line of carved pumpkin decorationsOutdoor Halloween décor in home haunt 2011, spooky pumpkinsOutdoor Halloween décor in home haunt 2011, spooky pumpkinsScary scarecrow prop tends a haunted patch of carved Jac-O-lantern decorations on a dark and creepy Halloween night at Screaming Scarecrow‘s home hauntHome haunting at the evil pumpkin patch with plenty of scary outdoor pumpkin decorations and propsHalloween Home haunts have decorating magic and this photo show the lights and the spirit of the spooky season

Well this goes to show that if you‘re a motivated home haunter and have access to a gaggle of gourds (Thanks Dad! – he‘s close to 80 and he still grows a mean pumpkin patch each year!) you can always pull some Halloween home haunting magic out of your dusty top hat!

Pumpkin King Free Halloween Image, free halloween artwork Pumpkin King, Free Halloween clipartHope you all had a Sinister Season!!!
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

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2 Responses to “2011 Halloween Night Decorations”

  1. Mr.Grimm says:

    Hey ScreamingScarecrow!

    I just gotta say that is a beautiful and haunting setup! It doesn’t look like a last minute throw together. Wow!

    Just curious, but what do you use to light the pumpkins?

    Thanks for sharing these pics.


  2. Screaming Scarecrow says:

    Awesome! Thanks for dropping by and leaving such kind words!!
    Believe it Mr. Grimm! We carved 2 thirds of those Jacks the night before the rest that afternoon!
    We had the scarecrow and the coffin props from previous Halloween so it was just a matter of setting everything up!
    For the lighting we cut holes in the backs of the jac-o-lanterns and then stuffed in LED Christmas lights.
    Also we used some old style C7 lights and then we finished off with those little flicker tea candle lights.
    Overall we were very happy with how our quick throw together haunted display turned out!
    Hope you had yourself great season too!
    Cheers SS


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