Screaming Scarecrow’s 200th Post



200 Halloween Related Posts
In Just Over A Year!

For a bit better than a year now we, the lurking lunatics here at Screaming Scarecrow Studios, have been having a great time haunting the web.

We have mostly been creating our own unique Halloween content based on our past home haunting but we also add in some other content and videos that interest us from elsewhere.

200 on topic posts in this relatively short period of time shows our commitment to keeping our haunted website stocked with fresh and fun Halloween content.

For our 200th post we’ve collected 200 Halloween photos from our past home haunts. Lots of them posted here for the first time.

We Hope You Enjoy Them All

Thanks for dropping by to checks us out again and again as many of you do!

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Keep on Haunting the Web!
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

4 Responses to “Screaming Scarecrow’s 200th Post”

  1. Mike Anthony says:

    I can’t vouch for this experience for myself, only through stories passed down through different family members. We have had some paranormal activity in our family history. I never met my grandparents on my father’s side. My grandmother, Sarah Anthony, had a history of nightmares that eventually led to her hospitalization at a mental health facility. It all began in the 1930’s during the depression. My grandfather’s name was Frederick Anthony and he used to work for JP Morgan. From what I’ve been told, my grandfather and his boss went to go get lunch, where he was then informed that he was going to have to be let go. He never returned home from work. That same evening he hung himself in the entryway to his work. He hung there all night, until the man who fired him found the body as he was opening the next day.

    Months later, after my grandmother had been taking care of the family, she began to feel the grief set in which only exacerbated her fatigue. She became sleepless. For weeks she had complained about these nightmares that she kept having. She would wake up with violent shaking and in a cold sweat. The nightmares continued. She said that in her dream, she would be walking down this dark ambiguous street. She was unable to tell where it was. The only thing she could hear was the squealing of pigs. It began as a faint noise, far away, but as she kept walking, the noise would get louder. The squealing became more violent. It seemed like there were hundreds or thousands of pigs squealing, like at a slaughterhouse. Then the noise would suddenly stop. It would be dead silent for a few second…Until right in front of her, my grandfather’s body would drop dead in front of her and an explosion of squeals would break out as blood would drip from the rope around his neck.

    My grandmother eventually became delirious, seeing hallucinations and was committed to the mental hospital. She was there and heavily medicated for years. As my mother got older, she remembers visiting her thinking that her mother was gone forever. She would just sit in her rocking chair in her room and stair out of the window. Her hair turned completely gray, almost white within a couple of years. Everything seemed like it was going to just be the same, forever. My mother’s father, dead, and her mother locked away with a lost mind forever. On the anniversary of their wedding, the nurses reported my grandmother screaming. Upon entry, they saw her in the corner, in fetal position with her hands over her head screaming, “I can’t take it anymore, I just can’t take it anymore!!!” She was hysterical and in tears. When the nurses asked, “take what?”, she said, “The sounds”. Apparently she would just hear the choking of a man and the squealing of a 1000 pigs”. The next morning, she was found dead. Her cause of death is still unknown and the family had declined an autopsy.

  2. DarkFaces74 says:

    No pics of the Boleskin House? I just researched it. They still say it’s haunted.

  3. Screaming Scarecrow says:

    That was a chilling read Mike! Just the kind of Horror tale that is perfect on a dark October night awaiting the coming Halloween eve!

  4. Screaming Scarecrow says:

    Nope! Sorry DarkFace74 – We right now we only have Halloween pictures of our own Home Haunt in this post althought we love to learn about other haunted things!
    Thanks for the scary tip


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