Halloween Home Haunting Across
The Fourth Dimension…



I once read on a physics page, “Because of Einstein, we often call time the fourth dimension”.

With so many different ways to haunt your home come Halloween it is no surprise that when you first fall victim to the obsessing bite of the Home Haunting spider – the venom coursing through your veins brings an exhilarating rush of ideas and images BlueSpiderWithShadowto the mind.

One can buy or create many different monster props – some crawling & slithering, others lurking & lurching, all while even more swoop overhead on wing or on broomstick.

Then of course, once you have these creepy Creatures of the Night they will need the perfect scene to haunt on Halloween!

Maybe you’ll start out with a mist filled cemetery full of tumbling tombstones – a perfect setting for all manner of classic spooks. Skeletons, zombies and decomposing corpses just to name a few.

Or maybe matter splatter is more your thing and you have twisted visions of deranged psychos in nasty labragories or hooded henchmen in dark chambers of torment.

What ever your style and preference, your Halloween home haunting is only limited by your imagination and your cash supply!

Considering all the many Halloween props and haunted scenes to choose from, it’s really no wonder that the new home haunter can become overwhelmed and bite off more than their fangs can chew. This can lead to some getting discouraged as the “fun” of haunting gets bruised and tarnished in the hectic rush to get all the Halloween decorations on the self imposed “Must Do or Die” list completed by 1031.

Don’t loose heart! I believe that all Halloween Home Haunters have gone thru those very same symptoms when that old Haunt Spider first bit us! And some of us still do!

Halloween images haunted clock prop

I once read on a physics page that, “Because of Einstein, we often call time the fourth dimension” – with that in mind, I’d like to encourage everybody who haunts their home on Halloween, new and veteran alike, to remember that unless you have access to coffins of cash you’re going to need TIME to build up your collection of Halloween props & haunted scenes.

A simple concept I call Haunting Across the Fourth Dimension.

Although we’ve always celebrated Halloween in some form or other, we started seriously home haunting in 2003 when we decided to build some props for our “FEAR FEST” Halloween house party.

We started out with some simple props, many of which we still used today, and then each following year we kept creating new props, improving existing ones or buying store bought Halloween props as we went along.

I hope that seeing our journey across the Fourth Dimension, from our modest beginnings to our recent undertakings will encourage you to keep on Haunting at an enjoyable pace!

Always remember one of the many mantras for the home haunter is; “There is always next year!”

Halloween Image: Creepy Corspe Skull clipart imageThanks for dropping by – Happy Haunting!
Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

Hey all you fellow Halloween Fans! Here is a short Video full of Home Haunting ideas that should get any haunter excited about Halloween decorating this coming season!

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