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Halloween Picture 2010, Top 13 Images: Walk up view of our Halloween home haunt, spooky graveyard with lots on Halloween props and monsters, Haunted House

This first Halloween picture is the walk-up view to our haunted House. Yes the spooky full moon was added in but it is a real photo of our home haunt. The photo and the special effect was done by my talented Nephew – Thanks TKA!

Halloween Images: Cemetery leading up to Haunted house with coffin door entrance.

We liked this night shot of our home haunt because it was a bit over exposed but that allowed for an interesting sneak peak of the horrors inside!

Creepy Halloween picture of our skeleton fortune tellers display with all their scary Halloween props in 2010. Spell books, skull props, fun Halloween decorating outdoors

Our two skeletal fortune tellers conjured up some scares for our Halloween party guests and trick-or-treaters alike! Plenty of archaic spell books, potion bottles & skulls were among the props decorating this year’s display

Halloween 2010 Top 13 Images: Scary latex vampire prop with creepy coffins and scary black cat Halloween props and decorations. Screaming Scarecrow Halloween home haunt 2010

Evil glowing red eyes and a monstrous latex zombie black cat made this vampire a welcoming Halloween prop for the folks who came through our haunt walk through. We also loved the big green monster hand prop reaching thru the coffin door to the left of our blood thirsty vampire!

Halloween Image 2010: Dracula bride with toe pincher coffin prop Halloween decoration

Dracula‘s Bride is looking for a creepy coffin prop to rest her undead bones in. But you know she‘ll be ready to scare some kids come Halloween night if they dare walk thru our haunt!

Halloween 2010 Top 13 Images: Screaming Scarecrow zombie lounge bar for Halloween party. Many skull props ended up being used in this decorating for Halloween setup. One of our 2010 Best Halloween pictures

HALLOWE’EN PARTY! This season we also held our Fear Fest Halloween party and setting up this Zombie Lounge shooter bar was one of the main decorating ideas inside the house. Not only did it look cool, our party guests had pumpkin loads of Halloween fun putting it to good / bad use!

Halloween Pictures 2010 Top 13 Images: Full shot photo of the living room Halloween decorations and props setup for our costume party

This Halloween photo shows where our living room once was. On the left wall it was decorated in a kind of haunted house motif with our creepy picture frame props, dusty bookshelf and some full size zombie props. Then at the back was the Zombie Lounge bar with all the green eyed skull props underneath the step up to the bar. Mirrors behind the bar reflected the dance floor action of the party. Then on the right hand corner we had a grave robber prop with his toe pincher coffin. Wrapping around this wall the Halloween decorating went into a cemetery with trees and tombstone props.

Best Halloween Pictures  of 2010, Top 13 Images: Grave digging skeleton prop with shovel and card board coffin

One of my all time favourite Halloween masks put together with a trench coat costume became this scary grave digger full size character Halloween prop. We had him a few years back, I think 2005 Halloween season, but this year he was much more decorated and finessed. Shovel, formed hand props, Jack o lantern, and his own toe pincher coffin prop all set in he own little creepy cemetery scene! This will probably go down as one of my favourite Halloween decorating displays.

Halloween Photo Top 13 of 2010: Female vampire prop with latex head also skeleton Halloween prop

Guarding the doorway to our pantry, on Halloween night, was Vamparilla our evil vampiress prop. Also sharing the guard duty with her was this hippie skeleton prop – Hey like we said we were having a Halloween party, and this prop was in the mood to party!

2010 Top 13 Halloween Pictures: scary green witch life sized prop in her witch‘s kitchen complete with latex black cat and other Halloween props and decorations

Across the dinning room from Vamparilla was our green Ghastly Griselda cooking up a cauldron full scares for our Halloween party guests! We happy to see that the stone fireplace prop that we made for her out of Styrofoam held up for another Halloween season. It was a fun homemade Halloween prop.

Halloween 2010 Top 13 Pictures and Photos: Screaming Scarecrow best images of 2010. Monster Halloween props and creepy ceiling crawlers. Haunted organs

This, along with some of the other photos, is one of the cool Halloween pictures my nephew put together for us! This is a panoramic shot of a room inside this year‘s Halloween haunt. We had a haunted house backdrop, a ceiling crawler prop, a haunted organ and donation coffin and plenty of other monster props lying around to creepy the place out.

Halloween Home Haunt, 2010 Top 13 Images: Torture room, severed head props, instruments of torture and corpses Halloween decorations

Creepy corpse / mummy character in shackles and chains along with a table full of torture instrument props. This haunt room , the bathroom, had an interesting spooky look and feel because it had black lighting and red lighting and the two Halloween light effects worked quite well together on our props.

2010 Halloween Haunt, Top 13 pictures: scary paper Mache corpse homemade prop, so easy to make you could do it yourself. These are the best kind of Halloween props to use when decorating for your home haunt or Halloween party

Another creepy corpse prop, this time in our bath tub! We made this guy from Paper Mache and a blow mould blucky skeleton a few years back and our Halloween party guests and trick or treaters have been having fun with him on Halloween night ever since!

Well that is the top 13 pictures we chose for this Halloween season – Hope you enjoyed them and maybe they‘ll spark some Halloween haunting ideas you our visitors!. You will be able to see all our Halloween pictures for this year in our “ALL PICS OF 2010” category. Like always, we’ll be posting upcoming How To articles on these props.

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Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

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  1. Kristyn says:

    Great pictures! Especially that first one, very cool!

  2. Screaming Scarecrow says:

    Thanks Kristyn! This is one of the best shots ever! My nephew Travis took it and then jazzed it up with the great Halloween full moon and stuff!


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