A Haunting in 2009…



The 2009 Halloween Season: What a Season!
It was extreme haunting fun for us!!

Of course we didn’t pull off everything on our To-Do list, but as any home haunter knows – it wouldn’t be a true Halloween prop list if you could actually get to every on it! In spite of The 2009 List Short Fall, we got to complete some of the things that we’d been daydreaming about for a couple of years and THAT was great fun!

The most notable of these was the entrance for our haunt. We built a monstrous grim reaper around a coffin door which you opened with a bone handle, one of my favourite little details of the year!

The door was nestled in the center foldsHalloween Grim Reaper of the cloak giving the impression that one had to enter the reaper to enter the haunt (People loved it!).

Some say a storey is 8 feet high while others says a storey is 10 feet high. By that reckoning, at 15 and a half feet tall – UberGrim, as we came to call him, was a storey & a half to 2 storeys high!

Kids on bikes and adults in cars, kept pulling up in front of the house and ogling -some even got out and took pictures. Most of them said that they had noticed this thing from the next street over and they just had to come take a look!

Anybody who has ever set up Halloween props knows how the astonishment & excited anticipation of onlookers can warm the haunter’s heart! (future scare victims! hehehe)

The amount of covered haunt space that we setup this year was another major accomplishment. The largest we had setup before this (in 2007) had been 425 square feet. This time we setup just over 530 square feet of Halloween screams under covered haunt space!

Halloween Home Haunt Structures for 2009In addition to this there was also another 600 square feet of open-to-the-air non covered haunt space. When I talk about covered haunt space I mean we construct 2×4 lumber walls and then add an OSB sheeted lumber roofs capable of shedding rain, withstanding wind and possibly holding up a snow load.

Once the wooden structures are up we skin them in tarps and plastic. All this is a lot of extra work for us (especially when just we tear it all down and start from scratch again next season) but it allows us to setup our Halloween props independent of the elements.

For example, if I want to use real books and real tarot cards in the fortune tellers scene I no longer need to worry about how am I going to keep them dry and the wind never blows props over! Also at night I can close and lock the haunt’s “door” for theft security. These are just some of the pros of going thru the extra work – the cons are obvious, it’s a LOT of extra work!

So it would seem that bigger was better for Halloween 2009
Halloween prop, Creepy Zombie monster prop
and keeping in step, the number of scare actors and scare technicians was also bigger, adding to the overall fun we had haunting.

Even our trick-or-treater head count increased over last year which of course meant more people making donations to our Haunted Food Drive for the local food bank. (Thanks to all who donated. This year was a great success) Some Tot’s even went home to get a “Can-For-The-Coffin” and then came back to drop off the donation. Of course they went through the haunt again!!

By the time the last of Halloween was hauled away and put into storage for another year we were exhausted but well pleased with the responses and reactions to all our haunting efforts. Usually at the close of each season, before our attention turns to the next holidays, we often review what we really liked about the season and what should go into the, “Guess we won’t do that again!” file.

This year the one thing that came up repeatedly was, “Boy if we are going to continue haunting on this scale – we need to find a permanent home for our haunt” because setting up haunt structures and tearing them down each season is going to put me in an early grave!

That said, stay tuned during 2010 as we cast about for a new and better location for our home haunt all the while continuing to post more cool Halloween content on this site!

Creepy Zombie Free Halloween Image, free haunted halloween artwork Zombie Head, Halloween images for freeThanks for Reading – Keep On Haunting!
Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

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