A Haunting in 2008…



The 2008 Halloween Season was chilled out and very enjoyable!

For the 2008 season a number of factors conspired to dampen the Halloween spirit not the least of which was the fact that I had spranged my haunting bone during the 2007 season. I was suffering from a case of Haunter’s burnout. In fact by the time Octber 24th had rolled around we had not yet done a single thing in preperation for the big night only a week away!

I had just helped the neighbor tear down a large storage shed and there was a good pile of lumber just waiting for something creepy to be done with it. Finally it came to me; we could quickly throw together set of Haunted Stairs. After all who is NOTMonster Hands Under Stairs afraid of what is under the stairs. The haunt design was simple, cheap and quick while still allowing us to use some of our Halloween props and get in a few scares.

So on October the 24th, the latest we’d ever started setting up Halloween, we got started putting the stairs together. The whole point of the stairs was to have creepy things underneath them. We placed a few static props under the lower stairs and made sure the upper stairs were built high enough to seat a couple of scare technicians who could work monster hands as the Tots came up.

With our usual graveyard props on either side leading up to the stairs the best thing about this Halloween setup was that it took only about 4 days of effort to setup and, even better, only a day and a half to tear down and pack everything away!

Walkup view up 2008 Halloween Props

Over all we managed to put on a decent haunt in a short period of time and the undertaking a smaller project left us not only not burnt out but with a renewed sense of “I can’t wait for next year!”

New Tricks This Year:

  • Our first night time pictures. Discovered that our camera had Night Shot feature! Yaaah!!!
  • First year we engaged the people on the streets with actors as they approached our haunt
  • Speed Jack-o-lantrens

Hope you enjoy our 2008 Halloween Haunt content. Remember to visit often and look for upcoming How To articles & other Halloween Home Haunting Tips & Techniques.

Cheers! ScreamingScarecrow.

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