A Haunting In 2007…



The 2007 Halloween Season was huge for us
on so many levels!

Halloween 2007 was a home haunters dream come true! We built a full walk thru Haunted House in our driveway. Complete with a Mansard roof and coffin door entrance!

In our Halloween Haunted House there were two main rooms featuring The Witch Vs The Wizard haunted scenes. Beyond those there was more maze and mini rooms of course filled with all manner of spooky Halloween props!

We also hosted our best attended Fear Fest Halloween party yet – where once again we moved most of the furniture out of the house and into storage so that there’d be enough room for a full dance floor plus guests plus more interior Halloween props and decorations.

Old Haunted Halloween House Home Haunt, Monster props, Halloween props, graveyard with tombstone
Haunted Façade of Old Haunted House, Screaming Scarecrow Halloween Home Haunt, Halloween props

The weather promised to be nice when we started building so after a snowy Halloween in 2006 and no party we figured we’d go over the top and build a home haunt that would be worth coming to! A lot of what we put up for props inside and out where from previous years but besides the Haunted House structure itself the two main new Halloween props were a witch scene and a wizard scene across from each other – facing each other down in a good vs. evil face off!

Check out a video showing these two plus other here

The Scary Witch, Haunted Halloween Prop, Screaming Scarecrow Halloween props How to build
The Good Wizard Home Haunt Monster prop, Halloween props by Screaming Scarecrow

Some other noteworthy new Halloween props for the 2007 spook season were a band new 7 foot tall executioner static creature prop we named Orlyck on account he’s an Orc.

And we set up a great werewolf reading a copy of Agatha Christie’s, “Halloween’en Party” in a haunted library scene. And finally we blacked out more than ever of our house turning the front foyer, the living room, dining room, hallway, 1 bedroom, bathroom and a storage room all into decorated party crypt space!

All told at least 75% of the house was wall to wall Halloween decorations. Ahhh – good times, Good Times!

While you’re here I hope you take the time to check out our 2007 Halloween haunt photos and prop articles plus feel free to take a look around the site you never know what you‘ll stumble across! May we suggest something from the Dark Arts?

Screaming Scarecrow Halloween Image: Lurking leprechaun
Thanks for Dropping By.
Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

2 Responses to “A Haunting In 2007…

  1. susan says:

    Y’all are AWESOME!!!!

  2. Screaming Scarecrow says:

    Thanks Susan, YOU are Awesome!
    Any Halloween Home Haunter knows that all the hard work of haunting is all worth while when somebody takes the time to tell you that they think what you’re doing is awesome.
    Thanks again for putting some haunt juice into our tank!!


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