A Haunting in 2006…



The 2006 Halloween Season gave our first taste of blood!

Halloween 2006 snowed Like crazy but things heated up inside the haut structure which we’d built for the 2nd year in a row. Even though this was the 1st year we didn’t throw our Fear Fest party it was still a very special Halloween for us because it was the first year that we actually set up a walk thru path and used scare tactics to actively spook the trick-or-treaters that come in search of Halloween candy.

Halloween Haunted Yard Display, Monster props, graveyard with tombstone with Halloween props

For the haunt structure, we again built 2×4 walls with OSB walls and roof which we again skinned with black lumber tarps. The tots would walk up our driveway through our Halloween cemetery props and enter our Toe pincher coffin door which we had built last year.

New for this year, besides the fact that scare actors jumped out and made people scream, were a couple of new props like a new paper mache coffin, a second attempt at snot rag corpsification and creepy little band of Hesheits which haunted our witches hut scene.

Halloween Haunted Creatures of the night, Monster props with latex masks,

Other noteworthy new Halloween props for this season was an attempt at a working guillotine and an indoor scene with some old dead haunted tree branches that need to be cut down and then reassembled inside. And once again this was the first year that we actually set out to scare with actors and we sure had fun!

Check out our 2006 pictures to see more props and get some more descriptive details.

Halloween Image: Pumpkin King Clipart image
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