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Halloween 2006 Top 13 Images: Monster mud prop, chicken boy
Chicken Boy Standing in snow so deep you couldn’t even see his cloven hoofs! Interestingly enough the deep snow in the graveyard made for cool pictures of the tombstones.

Halloween 2006 Top 13 Images: Monster in graveyard with tombstones props and Halloewen ghost prop

Monster Earl with his clever and shovel. At least he can clean up any messes he may make! Also used a white phantom Halloween costume to quickly make a ghostly figure that swayed and fluttered in the stiff October 31st breeze.

Halloween 2006 Top 13 Images: Photo Snowy cemetery props, tombstones

Snowy tombstones. At least it was dry snow not cold wet snow like it can be in late October. Dropped a latex Halloween mask with a soccer ball in it onto the snow for a quick and dirty head ground breaker.

Halloween 2006 Top 13 Images: Old wooden crosses in snowy grave yard Halloween props

Old wooden crosses in one of our flower beds that we use as a secondary little mini graveyard. You’d never tell it is a flower bed from all the snow!

Halloween 2006 Top 13 Images: Monster Jack the Ripper prop in our Halloween haunt

Inside our haunt with Jack the Ripper next to a spooky, old dead, haunted tree which we had to cut into pieces to get it inside. Then we reassembled it with screws and wire.

Halloween 2006 Top 13 Images: Halloween Monster Jack the ripper prop with bat in creepy Halloween haunted tree

Jack the Ripper in a haunted woods scene complete with old dead tree and bats. Blue lights provided eerie simulated moonlight.

Halloween 2006 Top 13 Images: Paper mache card board box toe pincher coffin

Made this coffin out of a card board box that a neighbour got from purchasing a new faux fireplace. Cut up and taped the CBB into its new form and then applied snot rag paper mache to the outside painted and detailed it. Finally we carefully cut a plastic devils pitch fork prop in half and then hot glued that to the cover.

Halloween 2006 Top 13 Images: Corpse of a blucky skeleton with paper mache. This prop has been used as a Halloween party decoration

This was our 2nd paper mache corpsing effort. We started with blucky skeleton prop and replaced its head with a more respectable Halloween skull. After connecting all the skelli parts with coat hanger wire it was just a matter of posing the figure and then applying the paper towel mache. And finish it off with coffee stain aging. This guy we posed sitting down just to be little different from the last one we made.

Halloween 2006 Top 13 Images: Little creatures of the night called HeSheit Halloween props

These little 3 foot tall creatures of the night were fun to make and were a big hit with our Halloween guests. Although they were static props their size, poses and fierce little grins made them creepier than one would have imagined!

Halloween 2006 Top 13 Images: Witches hut with spider and black cat props

Our kids play house always becomes our Witches Hut and this year was no different. Jack O Lanterns, Witches, Giant spiders, Black cats and Hesheits were just some of the Halloween props we used to decorate the hut.

Halloween 2006 Top 13 Images: Zombie monster static prop with latex monster hands with a cement and Styrofoam tombstone Halloween prop

This guy has been with us for a couple of years now and amazingly he doesn’t have a name yet… Maybe because he’s kind of a throw together, his latex mask is from another Halloween prop while his terror cloak is from a different creatures costume and the latex monster hands come from yet another spooky Halloween monster prop.

Halloween 2006 Top 13 Images: Photo of a working guillotine prop

This Halloween prop was thrown together in less than an hour. Weather was poor and as any home haunter knows there is never enough time to get all the props on your to do list done. Even still, it work and made a fairly loud noise when the blade fell which was good for a couple of startles.

Halloween 2006 Top 13 Images: Skeletons in a haunted Halloween torture room scene with skelleton props and cages, Skelliton props, skeliton props, skeleten props

Another quick thro together was this outdoor torture scene. Over all even the weather was poor we still have more Tots than the year before because I guess word of mouth had been working and it seemed people were liking what we were doing.

There they are for another year – hope you enjoyed our top 13 photos we picked for this season, even though there is probably some pics that are cooler in our gallery. See our 2006 gallery for many more Halloween pictures.
And as always check back often for up and coming articles as we share what went into some of these props and general home haunting tips & tricks! Plus other cool & useful Halloween content.

Halloween Image: Creepy zombie clipart, free Halloween imageThanks for Looking.
Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

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