A Haunting in 2005…



The 2005 Halloween Season was a great year for new creations!

What a great year! By time this season was over we knew that we had put on a Halloween Haunt! This year single most time consuming prop was not the haunt structure which we erected for the first time but the complete redo of our cemetery.

But before we get to that the biggest, literally, thing we built was our first ever Halloween Home Haunt structure. With a six foot tall pumpkin on top of it we dubbed it, “Temple of the Pumpkin”.

Halloween Haunted Yard Display

The construction was simple, consisting of four 2×4 walls and an OSB roof with a plastic tarp for water shedding purposes. Because it was the first time building something like this, we kind of over built it – being worried about wind. So we cross-braced, staked to the ground and even screwed it to our existing fence!

Even though it was a lot of extra work we had a place out of the elements where we could set up some props without any consideration for the weather. Alos the extra work paid off! One thing we noticed when the Tots came round and entered through the coffin door was how much more excitement they showed. It was because of this extra excitement that our focus started to shift from our party to the extremely enjoyable business of spooking trick-or-trickers!

Like I said at the beginning – this was a great year for new creations. At the top of the list was our redone graveyard props. We had a decent graveyard scene in 2003 and 2004 but we wanted to turn it into a larger space with more tombstones and also add a couple of creatures to haunt it.

Well we made up two 12 foot lengths of cemetery fence and then two more 8 foot lengths of fence. Next we made up 6 cement cemetery column props to hook the fences onto. There were two large main columns & 4 minor ones.

The main columns had two holes drilled into them – one hole for a latex demon head and the other hole for a pole that would support a cemetery sign the would span from one column to the next. As of posting this we still have not gotten around to creating the sign prop – just another thing on the to do list! (But we‘ll get to it! Promise!)

Halloween Props, tombstomes, graveyard, fences, monster propHalloween Cemetery tombstone props

Other noteworthy new Halloween props for this season were our “Chicken Boy” prop and our “Body Part Toss Game”. Chicken Boy is a free standing creature of the night prop made up of a wood armature, stucco mesh screen and stucco cement. Our BPTG which was a game where contestants have to, as the name implies, toss body parts through the proper hole for the proper part – it was a huge hit.

Check out our 2005 pictures to see more of these props and read some more descriptive details about them.>/p>

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