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Halloween 2005 Top 13 Images: Day shot of haunt from street

This year was our first ever Halloween haunt structure and like how we got started for everything else we now do, we built it with our Halloween party in mind. It was meant to be an outdoor shelter place where our party guest could be out of the weather. Of course we couldn’t just build a structure we had to decorate it too! Welcome to Temple of the Pumpkin!

Halloween 2005 Top 13 Images: Coffin door entrance

We built a walk thru coffin door entrance to our first haunt structure. I ran out of time (as we home haunters always do!) before I figured out how to attach the door in such a way that we could open it on hinges. But even still, people we visited were impressed with this Halloween prop.

Halloween 2005 Top 13 Images: Photo of our cemetery column prop

We put a lot of work into redoing our graveyard this year with some new tombstones but the biggest additions were the new fence and columns. The fence is made of 1”x8”x8’ pieces of spruce ripped down into ¾”x¾” strips which were painted then glued & screwed together. Screw on some store bought plastic mini fence and viola we had a respectable cemetery fence. Read More About Cemetery ColumnsCemetery Fence

Halloween 2005 Top 13 Images: Night shot of the Temple of the Pumpkin, Giant Jack o Lantern Halloween prop

Us standing at the entrance of our very first haunt structure! 2005 was a very exciting Halloween season because we built many new props. And yes I am having lots of fun Photoshoping other faces over our faces! : )

Halloween 2005 Top 13 Images: Monster mud prop made from stucco cement

Ah Chicken Boy! One of our props that has become a member of the family mostly because we don’t stick him into storage and he hangs out in our yard all year round! I know what you’re wondering, “who in their right mind names a Halloween monster prop – Chicken Boy?” Well while we were building this guy my neighbour stuck his head out the window and said, “Whacha building? A Chicken?” because this creature had Satryr legs which looked like Chicken drum sticks. Anyways we joked that he was a chicken boy and the name stuck! (Once again said we give our creatures names, I never said they were cool names!)

Halloween 2005 Top 13 Images: Halloween party game, body part props

The ORIGINAL Body Part Toss Game! We built the Halloween party game prop for our guest in 2005 but the trick-or-treaters loved it just as much. The holes for the latex body parts were cut in different shapes and sizes to give the game different level of difficulty.

Halloween 2005 Top 13 Images: Skeleton Corpse prop used as a decorations for our Halloween party

This is our first crack at corpsification. We used a blucky skeleton with a more realistic plastic skull prop. All the limbs, hands, feet, head and torso were connected together with intertwined coat hanger wire which kept the blow mold Halloween skeleton from falling apart. Then we wrapped him in layer wad after layer wad of toilet paper and then soaked the toilet paper and then squeezed out the excess water. Next we hung prop up to dry and as it dried we sprayed different amounts of coffee to different locations and we ended up with a super simple yet pretty good looking corpse. And best of all it smelled real good too!

Halloween 2005 Top 13 Images: Monster Prop with latex monster hands and mask

This bad boy was an imposing sight because he was up nine feet in the corner over shadowing the Tricker-orTreaters as they came up to claim their candy. The cape is made from sewing two curtains together with a shredded ¾ length jacket liner added on top and a fake fur collar from the thrift store coat. We love shopping for Halloween prop materials at the thrift store!

Halloween 2005 Top 13 Images: Authentic Toe Pincher Coffin Halloween prop

Everybody should have at least one Toe Pincher Coffin in their home haunt bag of Tricks or Treats! This is one of our finest prop building moments! A neighbour was tearing down a old shed and said that I could salvage as much of the old wood as I wanted. I only grabbed enough to build this decayed toe pincher coffin which looking back was a mistake, I should have salvaged every last board! Oh to think of all the Halloween props that could have been…

Halloween 2005 Top 13 Images: Floating witch Halloween props

Our levitating Witch Sleeping Gruesumella! This prop was fun to throw together – it was nothing more than a body shape made from an old foam mattress and a Halloween costume dress with stuffed latex mask. A single thin piece of wood with a “T” fork screwed to it suspended her wickness above the bed and was only visible if you came and looked right underneath her.

Halloween 2005 Top 13 Images: Skeleton Grim reaper Halloween prop

First expensive store bought latex Halloween prop – Praying Grim Reaper Angel… We liked him and bought him to have over our donation coffin for the food drive we do for our local food bank.

Halloween 2005 Top 13 Images: Poseable skeleton prop with angel wings in black light room

This Ceiling-Corner-Hanging Halloween prop is just a poseable skeleton with Halloween costumer wings attached and then a piece of mosquito netting draped behind him to give the prop a glowing outline in the black light room.

Halloween 2005 Top 13 Images: Haunting for charity, food drive during our Halloween party

This year we were able to collect a fair amount of food during our Halloween party. The collected cans of food are for the local food bank. This year we had a nice new satin sheet from the thrift store to line our collection coffin with.

There they are for another year – hope you enjoyed our top 13 photos for this season. See our 2005 gallery for many more Halloween pictures.
And as always stayed tuned for up and coming articles as we share what went into some of these props and general home haunting tips & tricks!

Screaming Scarecrow Halloween Image: Lurking leprechaunThanks for Dropping By.
Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

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