A Haunting in 2004…



The 2004 Halloween Season was a
Spooktacular Shooter Dance Party!

Halloween 2004 was another great year for our Halloween party which we call FEAR FEST. As any home haunter knows, one of the challenges that we take on is out-doing ourselves each successive year. This year’s improvements were mostly on the party side of things – Halloween Decoration - Spooky bar scene with Ghoul bartender like a new shooter bar which we christened “ Club Dread”.

Ohmar the bar tender served up sinister shooters like “Cemetery Cider” and “Dark Decay” to the creatures of the night who were in attendance.

We made Club Dread from a couple of 4×4 posts, some 2×4’s, plywood and some pallet wood. construction tips

This year we also bought our first “Scene Setters” – the Trees and the Dungeon Stones. By combining them with black, light-weight landscaping cloth we were able to completely transform two rooms – the dining room and one bedroom. For both of these rooms we also removed all of the furniture in order to have extra room to the party guests. Beds, dressers and dinning room tables & chairs all went into storage in a buddy’s garage.

Examples of some ways we used our new scene setters.

Halloween Decorations, scene setters Halloween Decorations, scene setters Halloween Decorations, scene setters Halloween Decorations, scene setters

Halloween Decorations, scene settersIn the living room we improved our Corner-Ceiling-Hanging vampire with paper Mache hands and we also gave him a mannequin victim. In the opposite corner we setup a new Corner-Ceiling-Hanging Prop which we called, “The Grave Robber”. These two ghouls, our ceiling crawler from 2003 and various wall hanging shrouds & masks along with dance floor lights made up our living room’s Halloween decorations for the party.

At the front door and outside we had many more monster props waiting for trick-or-treaters and party guests, some repeats from the year before and other completely new. You can see our favourite Halloween pictures in this year’s Top 13 or check out all of 2004’s Halloween photo either way we hope you enjoy them. Check back for how to articles on these and other props.

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