A Haunting in 2003…



The 2003 Halloween Season was ground zero
for the haunting we do today!

It had been several Halloweens since I was involved with any kind of Home Haunting projects – I used to help my brother & sister in law with a haunted forest trail that was called “Boo At Sue’s”. I had filled the years in between with attending different Halloween parties & other spooky bar events, always in costume of course.

In the year 2000 we hosted a Halloween party in the basement of the TownHouse we were renting at the time. We and everyone who attended enjoyed the party immensely. This was in part because of the many haunted scenes we had setup throughout the house. Scenes like our own little Blair Witch Project. In the middle of the living room we set up a tent with a low output light in it and then attached dozens of those creepy little stick figures from the ceiling. To finish off the effect we placed an oscillating fan behind the tent so that it appeared the stick figures were swaying in the breeze!

It was during the setup up for that party that I was once again bitten by the home haunting spider! But due to a new job, a new baby and a move from the city to the country, it would be another 2 Halloweens before the demands of life would let us do any real haunting to speak of!

By time 2003 rolled around, we had settled into a new place with more room plus a yard and we simply couldn’t take it anymore – Halloween Prop: Scary Skull on top of Tombstonewe had to have another night to raise the dead!
For our party we had plenty of the usual Halloween decorations such as Jack-o-lanterns and cobwebs and other store bought stuff but we also put together some of our own props.

Things like a temporary shooter bar made from old wood with peeling paint that was stripped off an old house. Plus static creature props like a corner hanging Count Dracula and a corner hanging Skeleton which bled continuously down its face and over its ribs. And probably our best prop of the year was our ceiling crawler which we named “Googly Guy”. The thing that made this prop standout was that his pose on the ceiling was so believable that most everybody actually duck and raised a defensive arm when they first caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of their eyes!

Another thing we did for this Halloween Party to make more room for guest was that we removed all the furniture from a bedroom and then place a row of chairs or benches along each wall. We also blacked out this room with light weight black construction paper added some black lights and some black light sensitive props and that was a great little room for party guest to hang out in.

The yard display portion of out home haunting actually started out as hyperactive decorating for our Halloween party. The graveyard we built was just outside our living room windows so it could be seen from the party dance floor. Of course we felt that a graveyard couldn’t be that scary without a monster prop to haunt it so we also built our first Monster Mud prop.A 7 foot tall Frankenstein styled creature of the night.

Another thing we did in order to up the creep factor of our first little graveyard was add some dead haunted trees. For this we cut off some larger dead branches from various trees near our place and then we dug fence post holes and planted the branches in the holes.

Halloween Grave Yard scene. Tombstones, Wooden Crosses, Cemetery Column props with skulls

This worked out well because our yard at the time was already torn up from various renovation projects so the lawn wasn’t getting wrecked and the trees were perfectly sturdy in the wind. The best part about dead trees was that the branches cast great Halloween shadows across the neighbour’s wall which could be seen from the inside.

Over all we were very happy with our modest beginnings in home haunting. We learned that it is better to take your time and add a few good things each year rather than add too much – Quality over Quantity!

I hope you take the time to check out our 2003 Halloween photos. Be sure to leave us your comments or send us any questions that you’d like us answer.

Thanks for Reading.
Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

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