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Halloween 2003 Top 13 Images: Our First Monster Mud Halloween prop Our first Monster Mud Prop! We called him Earl – at first we called him Franky because we were going to put a Frankenstein Halloween mask on him but the mask proportion was too small for the body so we ended up with this latex mask and changed his name. Of course like most home haunters out there we were turned on to monster mud by the amazing horror talents at

Halloween 2003 Top 13 Images: Our First Graveyard, featured homemade tombstone props, wooden crosses, fence columns with Halloween skulls and spooky haunted trees
Our first graveyard scene. It featured 6 home made tombstone props, old wooden crosses & old wooden cemetery fence with spooky skull topped mini columns. Also we dug a few holes and planted some dead trees to up the creep factor. It was lit by a single red light. Overall, we thought – “Not to bad for a first effort!”

Halloween 2003 Top 13 Images: First Halloween cemetery props
Day shot of graveyard.

Halloween 2003 Top 13 Images: tombstone props
These homemade tombstone props are made out of wood which we then covered in monster mud or for the case of the lighter grey one cement. We always figure, instead of trying to make something look like something else, start out using what it is you’re trying to mimic. In this case cement and monster mud with a little extra do a great job of looking like stone tombstones (Note: This technique needed a little tweaking over the years.)

Halloween 2003 Top 13 Images: Temporary Halloween drink serving bar
This temp bar was setup to server Halloween Party shooters. It was constructed from simple wood and cardboard with plenty of skulls and cobwebs and creepy lighting. This was a great focal point for our guest who attend out Fear Fest Halloween Party

Halloween 2003 Top 13 Images: Spooky Ceiling Crawler Halloween Prop
Googly Guy, our would be world famous ceiling crawler! If the world only knew about him! This Halloween prop still remains at the top of our favourites list.

Halloween 2003 Top 13 Images: Ceiling Crawler Prop
Googly Guy is simply a latex head from a store bought Halloween prop attached to a pillow body. The arms & legs are coat hanger wire. For the lower legs and feet foam is cut to shape and nylon stockings are used for skin. The hands are lighter wire frame with tan coloured packing tape for skin. Toe & finger nails are black magic marker. The whole thing was attached to a ceiling stud via a screw and a short length of copper wire.

Halloween 2003 Top 13 Images: Bleeding Skeleton Halloween prop
Bleedy Boy! Hey we did not ever say we came up with great names we only said we like to name our Halloween creatures! Anyhoo, Bleedy Boy was another one of our 1st year props. He was a Halloween mask that bled by squeezing a small hand pump and then another Halloween costume piece that also bled by using a small hand pump. We took both these pieces and connected them together with hose and attached them to a bottle reservoir with a small fish tank pump. Some ¾ inch pvc tubing shoulders & arms later, slap on out first attempt at Great Stuff monster hand props and viola! Bleedy Boy was born! Just plug him in with some creepy accent lighting and he looked awesome!

Halloween 2003 Top 13 Images: Count Dracula static prop
Another static Halloween prop hanging in the upper corner of a room. This is one of the best places to hang a prop because you can use a lot of space without giving up any floor space plus the creature of the night ends up looming up and over the party guests! This guy was simply a latex Halloween mask and a vampire Halloween Costume stuffed and set onto a ¾ inch pvc pipe cross frame which was the suspended by a coat hanger wire screwed into a corner wall stud.

Halloween 2003 Top 13 Images: Scary Troll Prop
This Guy was actually one of my Halloween costumes from a few years prior. The mask was attached to the top of a motorcycle helmet and the shoulders were built out on top a set of hockey shoulder pads. I actually ended up looking through the chest area. For this haunted display we just set him on a hat rack and was done with him.

Halloween 2003 Top 13 Images: Scary Latex Halloween Skull Mask Prop
We blacked out a room and used black lights in it. This was one of the props we set up in one of the corners. He was just a latex Halloween mask with stuffed body.

Halloween 2003 Top 13 Images: Pair of Skeleton Door Watchers
We had two Skeletons set on either side of a doorway.

Halloween 2003 Top 13 Images: Black Ligtht Room with Halloween Props
Black Light Room. For this room we blacked out the whole room, walls & ceiling with construction tar paper (wouldn’t do it that way again). And then we put up cob webbing and skull props with glow juice on them. Finished off with three back lights and the whole thing turn out pretty good.

This being our first year creating props for our Halloween party overall everything turned out good and all our guest had a haunting good time. Looking back I wish we’d have taken more pictures. Hope you enjoyed these photos, see the rest of our 2003 Halloween pictures. As time permits we’ll post How To articles on some of these monster props and techniques.

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  1. fjdisa says:

    found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  2. Becky says:

    Hey Looking good, Interesting props.

  3. Screaming Scarecrow says:

    Thanks Becky! This was our 1st real year making Halloween props. We think they turned out pretty good and all our guest had fun at our Halloween party that year too!

  4. Jan says:

    We’re thinking of using that blackout plastic roll to black out all the ceilings, but haven’t figured out how to keep it installed short of an electric staple gun. Suggestions?


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