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Once again we see that our neck of the woods is truly a frightening place to be with haunted trees around every corner! Some people accuse me of having an over activate Halloween imagination but I say its not too hard when there are so many spooky specimens in the neighbourhood!

Beside as any good Halloween home haunter knows, one of our most important traits is being able to side the creepy side of things!

Halloween props and Haunted trees, Pictures of scary twisted trees in Screaming Scarecrow’s neck of the woods. Great ideas for possible Halloween props or party decorationsSpooky Halloween Tree images. Screaming Scarecrow finds more haunted halloween trees that provide home haunting ideas for halloween decorating or home haunting

Enjoy this old rotted tree knot, he looks like some kind of demon rabbit, maybe its nature’s nod to Donnie Darko.

Home haunting is in the imagination and these halloween haunted trees are great examples of ideas that could be used as Halloween props or spooky decorating props

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We’ve all seen those cutish looking faces that you can decorate your trees with – they usally don’t instill too much fear in the beholder! Well, we think we’ve found one that just may get the job done! These obviously are not from our neck of the woods they are for sale online.

buy faces to make haunted trees another idea for home haunting during HalloweenScary face on a Haunted tree great for halloween decorating and spooky fun

Scary Zombie Halloween Image, free haunted halloween artwork Zombie Head, Halloween images that can be used by home hauntersThanks for Looking, be sure to check out more of our cool Halloween content
Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

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