Haunted Tree 001



Haunted Tree Number 001

Yah For Us! This post is our 100th Halloween related post! And to mark this milestone we thought we kick off a new feature – HAUNTED TREES

Spooky, gnarled, old trees with creepy black eyes & gaping maws have long been an icon of Halloween haunting. Bent & twisted limbs with grasping fingers conjure up visions of dark brooding forests where the wise traveler never strays from the beaten path.

For this, our latest offering in Halloween content, we have gone out and captured the spirit of real-live (or should we say real-dead) haunted trees. We will post them here under this category, hope you all enjoy!

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We noticed this first one on the corner of a farm while driving by on the highway and had to stop and capture the spirit of this natural creepster.

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As haunted as this tree was with its natural creepiness, because we like to play we could resist spooking it out a little bit more!

Haunted Tree Halloween images picture of real spooky haunted treeHalloween Picture of real spooky haunted tree, Halloween images, Pictures of Haunted Trees
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Free tombstone image,  Halloween Images free, free haunted artwork, Halloween artwork for sale, Free Halloween images and some for sale at screaming scarecrow Thanks for Dropping In. Hope you enjoyed the Haunted Tree! Be sure to come back often and look for more!
Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.

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