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Emaciated Eats, Sucking the life out of a dinner

On Halloween, many home haunters use a cocooned human as a victim for their giant spider pops. This is a no brainer to figure out why…

For most people the idea of giant insects, particularly giant spider props are hauntingly frightening!

We‘ve been studying these creepy little web slingers in order to get some tips on Halloween decorating with cobwebs (and plus they are plain interesting to watch) when we caught this hungry monster trapping and consuming his lunch!

Scary Spider picture for HalloweenScreaming Scarecrow Halloween spider pictures

horror Halloween prop ideasHalloween spider human victimSpooky Halloween ideas from Screaming Scarecrow‘s home haunt

Sorry, but looking at this spider’s prey we can‘t help hearing this little squeaking voice saying, “Help Me! Help Meeeeeeee!”

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