The Dead Spider Chronicles



The Dead Spider Chronicles

Even in its dry, decaying state this dead spider provides some helpful hints and haunt ideas on how we can use spiders to decorate and creep out our Halloween haunts and house parties. For this spider it is all in the shadow of the legs. The creepy shadow of a spider prop may actually go farther in scaring guests of a haunted house then the actual spider itself, especially if it’s a static prop.

We found this dead spider on one of our bookshelves, no not a haunted one, and though it was curled up we were able to open up some the legs use needles to gently straighten them out. (of course some fell off)

The interesting thing here for us was that was were able to get a good understanding of the leg joints so we can use that knowledge when we build a Halloween spider prop.

Above all this, we liked how the shadows shots turned out!

Shadows are often more frightening then seeing the real thing so we may do a haunted scene where we have spooky spider shadows all over the place, one of these Halloween seasons.

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