Frightening Fangs



Fear of the Frightening Fang

Thankfully most spiders are not venomous to the point where they pose a problem to humans. But deep in our collective human conscious we are terrible afraid of painful spider bites.

With this in mind it would be a great haunting idea to use spider props in a scene where they are actually biting and eating a victim. Usually they are depicted only with creepy cobweb decorations or with an egg sac of little monsters scurrying out to invade our nightmares

We haven‘t gotten around to it yet but when we setup a haunted spider cave in our Halloween home haunt you know that we‘ll include a couple of carnivorous critters for more Fear of The Fang!

Haunted houses can use many decorating ideas from spidersHaunted horror images of meat eating spiders

Fear of spiders for Halloween decorating ideasCreepy spider spinning her web to trap some trick or treaters this Halloween season, Screaming scarecrow home haunts

The more we capture these horrible little monsters on film the more amazing we see that they really are but that still doesn‘t stop us from jumping in fright when we get up close and personal and they make a lunge at us! Remember folks – Fear the Fang!

See More Of Screaming Scarecrow’s Spiders!

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