ALL PICs OF 2010 (sorted)

Skulls onto of Halloween graveyard fence column props decorations created by Screaming ScarecrowThe Ultimate Curbies

This particular curb side score took the lucky recipients a full size truck and a 20’ foot trailer to haul away some 7 years worth of Halloween props and décor.

But not too worry we still have plenty of decorations and home haunt props left over!


Extreme Halloween decorating, turn whole room into a Home haunt displayExtreme Halloween Decorating

Who has time for watching TV during the mad rush to setup your Home Haunt?


Home made do it yourself hallowen propsThe Scariest Part Of Home Haunting

is existing in the mayhem that your haunted house becomes during the Halloween Season!


Home made do it yourself hallowen propsCan‘t Get More Authentic Than Real

One of the most common finishing touches when decorating a tumbling tombstone prop for the Halloween graveyard is moss.


Home Haunting ideas for the Halloween season decorationsHome Haunt Props from The Unfinished List of ideas.

A haunted decorating scene that we have wanted to do for a couple of Halloween seasons now is a haunted organ with a pepper ghost.


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Whosoever shall be found without the soul for getting down, Must stand and face the hounds of hell And rot inside a corpse's shell

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Reviews of Halloween Related Stuff