By now you may have gathered, from other articles & posts that we took a bit of a break from setting up our Giant Halloween Home Haunt in 2011.

But if you thought that the absence of a Haunted House in our driveway meant that we would just sit around and let the pumpkin carving holiday pass by like a phantom in the night, without getting some Halloween fun in, then you would have been frightfully wrong.


Another great thing that we enjoyed about not going over the top, when setting up our Home Halloween Haunt, was that we actually had time to spend on costuming for the Halloween parties that we attended!


As Halloween Night approach we decided that we couldn’t just have no outdoor spooky decorations setup for the kids.

For what the people had come to expect out of our home haunt it would be too much of a disappointment!

So literally in the 13th hour we pulled off a Bloody Mary and had a Jac-O-Lantern carving party the night before so that we could have some sort of Haunted display!


Like every other year we’ve selected out favourite Halloween pictures for the season

However this year we’re not setting up our home haunt so instead, we’ll be posting favourite photos of the all things we’ve done while we were on holidays from home haunting.

Here Are The Top 13 Spell Casting in Witch Woods Photos

And this was a tough chore choosing only 13 because we took well over 200.


Check back soon because Something Wicked This Way Comes!


Screaming Scarecrow and skeleton crew member goes on a Zombie Walk before HalloweenZombie Hordes Head Downtown

What does a Halloween Home Haunter do when on holidays? Participate in the 2011 Zombie Walk food drive!


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