Its no wonder that we now only throw our Halloween party every two or three years! There’s something defective in our brains, (ok mine!) that make us (ok me!) think that it is a great idea to move all the furniture out of the house in order to make extra room for all the Halloween props and decorations!


Lets explore the crypt that we turned our house into! After all how can it truly be a Halloween HOME Haunt if you don’t convert your abode into a wall to wall poster child for a Halloween decorating magazine!


Not too many new Halloween props for 2010 however,
We resurrected our Haunted House facade with some improvements AND For the first time since 2007 we hosted our Halloween Party FEAR FEST.
It was a Howl!!!


As always, we had tons of fun this Halloween season! Our haunt was somewhat smaller than past years but we threw our spooktacular Halloween party in addition to scaring people in our walk through home haunt. Here are the 13 pictures that we chose for our 2010 episode of our Top 13 Halloween Photos!

Here They Are – Hope You Enjoy Them!

The Top 13 Halloween Photos of 2010…


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