Spooky Halloween Haunted staircase with death chair at top.
Scare-technicians under the steps waiting to strike.
Graveyard on either side leading up to the stairs.
Simple yet very effective – Creeped out many Tots!


The 2008 Halloween season was a good year for pictures because we discovered the Night Shot feature of our camera! However, it was a lousy year for recieving other people`s photos. Usually we get photos handed in to us from family & friends. I guess due to the brisk temps and the dampness of the night people weren`t in the snapping mood! I was distracted with fire marshal duties so in the end there were less pictures than I would have liked.

But I guess,“Geeze! I wish I had taken more pictures!“ is a common complaint among fellow haunters!

Regardless of how things turned out, Here They Are –

The Top 13 Halloween Photos of 2008…

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This year we discovered the Night Shot feature on our camera* so while that was exciting and we began to take photos that started to capture Halloween lighting it also was somewhat disappointing that most were blurry. So the biggest thing we learned about our camera this year is that even though the Night Shot feature is cool – you actually need a tripod if you want your Halloween night light pictures to not turn out blurry! In spite of this, here they are for your consumption Our 2008 Halloween Photos – please feel free to leave comments. Thanks.
*In previous years any night shot pictures we got came from family or friends that actually knew how to use their cameras!


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