The Creepy Prop With an Unlikely Name

In our opinion, Halloween character props need to be named but sometimes that name is entirely unexpected.


This was the first year we built an actual Haunt Structure and we completely re-did our cemetery – new fence, new columns and many new tombstones.
We created our famous Body Part Toss Game and
Gave birth to Chicken Boy.


Halloween 2005 saw us build our first haunt structure. It was a simple structure, basically 3 walls and a roof but it allowed us to have some props out of the elements and transformed us from a yard display to a Halloween home haunt.

New for this year besides the structure was the walk thru coffin entrance, a static creature of the night prop named “Chicken Boy”, and game called we call the Body Part Toss Game, an authentic looking toe pincher coffin, and a new cemetery fence with cement columns.

We didn’t end up with a lot of pictures this year but once again we’ve picked out 13 photos as our Top 13 Halloween photos for the season. Enjoy! Also check out all the rest of 2005’s prop pictures in our 2005 Halloween Photo Gallery

Here they are – The Top 13 Halloween Photos of 2005…


In 2005 we still hadn‘t clued into how important it is to take good pictures before, during and after Halloween. We were still taking photos of our Halloween props based on main area shots with only a few detail shots. But overall we were still pleased with the type and content of the Halloween photos for 2005.

Please Have A Look…


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