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With so many different ways to haunt your home come Halloween it is no surprise that when you first fall victim to the obsessing bite of the Home Haunting spider - the venom coursing through your veins brings an exhilarating rush of ideas and images BlueSpiderWithShadowto the mind.

One can buy or create many different monster props - some crawling & slithering, others lurking & lurching, all while even more swoop overhead on wing or on broomstick.

Then of course, once you have these creepy Creatures of the Night they will need the perfect scene to haunt on Halloween!


Creating dark displays and creatures of the night in order to send shivers down the spines of candy seeking ghosts and goblins - How much more fun could you ask for!?


Halloween Picture of Zombie Prop in Home Haunt, Zombie art image, Vampire Fangs online and Vampire freaks

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