Top 13 Pictures of Spellcasting in Witch Woods!



wicked witch prop display by Screamings Scarecrow for 2011 Halloween home haunting. Faux fire props

Dusk is upon us and this sinister witch sets out to brew up some magical potions for her Halloween fun!

Home haunting with witch cauldron props and skulls and pumpkins all Halloween decorating a creepy old run down haunted house

As the Darkness deepens and the eerie red glow pulses from within the run down log building the wind rustles in the dry autumn leaves. Into the pot she drops some eye of newt and powder nightshade root…

Screaming Scarecrow Halloween Home Haunting for 2011, outdoor decorating a witch scene

Halloween night is near and the sooner the spell casting is begun the sooner the Dark Harvest will be done!

scary Halloween witch prop decoration in the wicked spooky woods for home haunting fun

Creeping through the woods on dark and spooky night a lost soul came upon this Frightening Halloween sight!

Picture of a Haunted old building setup to haunt for Halloween with witch props and other spooky and scary decorations

All the best witches know that their most powerful spells are conjured under the light of that elusive Blue Moon!

Creepy Halloween picture of Screaming Scarecrow's Home Haunt decorating

There is only so much of a witch’s familiar that she can turn into tailismans or use in her potions. The remainder of the remains are laid to rest.

Halloween Home Haunt decorating ideas and scary decorations

Piles of Skulls, bones and antlers litter the area around her bubbling cauldron.

Halloween picture of Home Haunting decorations featuring spell casting witch with fire prop and smoking cauldron

Sinister smoke from a fiendish flame fed with bones of missing hikers and berry pickers rises to mix with the vapours of the bubbling cauldron!

Faux fire and witch's cauldron prop decorating Screaming Scarecrow's Halloween Haunting display

Unfortunate fuel for the fires this wicked witch’s campfire!

Skeleton Witch prop with latex cat and fake fire as outdoor Halloween decorating idea

Salem, her 13th black cat wanders in close to investigate the spellbinding dark aroma of her master’s brew!

Creepy forest Halloween decorating scene for home haunting fun witch props and cauldrons

Evil’s afoot in Witch Woods as Sinthe brews up some toadstool tea to welcome her soon to be visiting sisters Shriec & Slitra.

Screaming scarecrow Halloween photo of a wicke witch decorating display for Home Haunting

Preparations begin at dusk becasue Halloween night time is the right time to work her enchantments.

Halloween harvest pumpkins and spooky old cabin in the woods. fake fire and cauldron props to go with witch decoration and Haunted skulls Halloween decorations

A handful of magic to sweeten the pot,
All the ingredients to conjure up fright she’s got.

We hope you enjoy these Haunting Pictures of “SpellCasting in Witch Woods” as much as we had fun setting up the display and taking the photos!

Screaming Scarecrow Halloween Image: Lurking leprechaunThanks for Dropping By.
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

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