The 2010 Prop List Short Fall, Idea #1


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The 2010 Prop List Short-Fall, Idea #1
Haunted Organ

This prop idea is actually from 2009 but we still didn’t get it done this Halloween. That haunt idea was to take our creepy old organ that we had gotten as a Curbie and spookify it with self playing keys and a pepper ghost.

Halloween decorating idea, haunted organ in home haunt

The concept would be pretty simple however it would take quite a bit of technical haunting know how – good thing there are many forums full of haunt and Halloween how to information!

What we wanted to see for this prop would be to have the keys animated by a turning camshaft in the back of the haunted organ so that the blood finger printed keys appeared to be playing by themselves.

But We didn’t want to stop there… As many talented home haunters have already done such a mischievous musical horror prop – we wanted to take it up another notch of terror!

We wanted to video tape an actor playing this spooky haunted organ so that we could later project a pepper ghost illusion.

More ideas on how to create the Pepper Ghost effect starting on page 44 of this How to Haunt Your House book

The finished effect would be a Halloween scene that featured a creepy organ that would appear to be playing itself BUT then after a few minutes of this – a spooky pepper ghost ghoul organist would fade into sight – playing the haunted organ.

We would leave that haunting spectre visible for a little while and then after a few flickers he would fade – all the while the organ continues to grind out its chilling sounds and the keys still play by themselves!

But alas, we had to give away our Halloween organ prop, so we’ll not get to this home haunt idea – but somebody out there may!

If you liked this Halloween haunt idea and get a chance to do it

– please send your pictures or video to us – we love to see how it turned out!

We’d be very happy to post them here on our site. If you have already made this kind of Halloween display in the past please share with us and send those Halloween pictures in and we’ll for sure post those too!

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