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You may think that after so many years of Halloween Home Haunting, that one would be bored to death if one was not to setup their regular crypt. Well turns out that not only was it relaxing from a family point of view it was quite the blast!

I would dare say that we had possibly as much Halloween fun (maybe more) this season because we played a lot harder this year!

It was a bit ironic this past season because we had made the decision to giveaway a ton Halloween props and decorations last Nov 2010. And at that time we had declared that we would take the 2011 haunting season off.

the irony came about in late August when we received an email from one of the Design Associate Producers of the Nate Berkus Show (which is a nationally-syndicated interior design show hosted by Oprah’s favorite designer, Nate Berkus).

it seems that after coming across our haunted website www.screamingscarecrow.com they wanted to know if we’d be interested in becoming a candidates for an upcoming segment featuring a home decked out for Halloween.

Well as you could imagine there was quite a lot of excitement in the scarecrow nest for a couple of days! But in the end because it was not a guarantee that our home would be the one shown on the segment and the fact that we’d curbied a good deal of our outdoor haunt props, graveyard and façade, we chose to say no the extremely tempting offer!

Then in September, the next amazingly fun thing that popped up was that Shawn & Lynn Mitchell from the “How to Haunt Your House” books fame asked me if I would like to review their third book. Which of course the answer was, “HELL YAH”!!

So they sent my the book and I hungrily consumed it as only a Home Haunt fan could! I‘ll post a full review of it at a later date but I‘m happy to say that I liked this book most of the three yet! (and not just because my written review is included in the first few pages of the book and a caption of the back cover!)

Then late in September I did something that I’ve wanted to do for a number years now and that was Haunting this old dilapidated, creepy log building on the farm where I grew up.

It turn out supper well – it was a one of best haunted display ever and it was pure, relaxed haunting fun to do. No pressure, no deadline and no cold weather!

If you haven‘t already, then see some photos of this local 2011 Zombie Walk. The first Zombie Walk WE‘ve ever participated in and it was so much fun we‘re going to do it again next year!

Second we attended an outdoor Halloween costume party with live bands. The best part of this macabre masquerade was that they had a great haunt setup with two paths

If you went left your were they had a haunted forest trail with some creepy buildings along the way and if you went right they had a totally different haunted path that led through some torture buildings, past a hearse and then into a pretty darn scary haunted building. Had tons of fun there, dressed up a the horror movie icon Jason!

The third event in October was we went to the Pro Halloween Haunt, Six Pines Farms to visit all of our haunted props that we’d given away to them.

Of course we also to check out their haunting efforts which turned out to be another blast of Halloween Fun – They run a full-on Haunted Barn of Doom, a Terror Train and live horror/haunted comedy show.

Then to round out the sinister season, because our creepy props and scary decorations were sitting in storage we helped out a friend decorate for his Halloween party by lending several creature props, coffins and various other dark decorations.

We Also attended a Halloween wedding social party the Saturday before Halloween where most everyone was dressed in their Halloween costumes and we won a couple of the prize draws!

Finally on the big day itself we quickly setup a quick, yet haunting pumpkin pile display in our driveway to greet the trick or treaters who dropped by. But by far, one of the most enjoyable things I did this past Halloween, which I haven’t be able to do for years is that I went trick-or-treating with my youngest – It was a great Halloween Holiday!

Creepy Zombie Free Halloween Image, free haunted halloween artwork Zombie Head, Halloween images for freeThanks for reading about out vacation from running our home haunt.
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

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