Home Haunting Chaos


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Home Haunting Chaos
The Real Haunted House Nightmare!

Most folks who haunt their homes on Halloween night can tell you that it is a hectic time of year for them and their families. There is never enough time to build all the scary props and get everything in the haunt setup perfect before the big night arrives!

Screaming Scarecrow home haunt preparation with Halloween decorations piled everywhere

Often household schedules and chores can slip by the wayside as the mad rush towards 1031 unfolds! More and more piles of props, Halloween costumes & masks, monsters lay askew in piles everywhere making life a little more challenging than usual.

Halloween home haunt decorations and props waiting for setup

But if you’re a haunter like us you also sometimes throw a Halloween Party and your decorating borders on the insane!

You’ll notice that our walls start out a normal color but then they are blacked out with landscaping cloth and other decorations. There not even a Couch left in the living for TV watching! As the Halloween party gets closer even the TV is moved to make room for more haunted monsters and things that go bump in the night!

Boxes of Halloween décor for home haunt and spooky costume party

Yes – Sometimes the kids wonder out loud why they have to camp in their own house every year there is a Halloween Party. And why there needs to be empty totes stacked in their rooms. And where does the furniture have to get move into storage…

But when the haunt is on and everybody is in costume and scaring trick-o-treaters we all forget about the inconveniencies of living in a haunted house during the Halloween Season!

Pumpkin King Free Halloween Image, free halloween artwork Pumpkin King, Free Halloween clipartThanks for Dropping by.
Hope your Home Haunting is always fun!
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

2 Responses to “Home Haunting Chaos”

  1. Eve Foss says:

    Awesome! Halloween is my favorite time of year. (Yes, for me it is the whole haunted time of year, and not just one night!) Happy haunting!

  2. Screaming Scarecrow says:

    1031 24/7 sister!
    Thanks for visting our haunted website!


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