Grow Real Moss on Your Tombstones


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Grow Real Moss on Your Tombstones

Moss and lichen are the slow natural effects of time on a tombstone that has been standing for ages in a forgotten cemetery. And because most home haunts want an ancient looking and decayed graveyard for Halloween those who build their own props often take that little extra time to add a little moss to their Halloween headstones.

There are many home haunting techniques for adding moss to tombstone props. There are all kinds of store bought craft moss to choose from if you want to purchase it or there are many different ways to make your own like using excess dryer lint as shown on page 12 of this How To Haunt Your House book.

We on the other hand have discovered a neat little side effect of storing our homemade tombstone props outdoors when it is not Halloween season!

Outdoor storing of halloween home haunt props and party decorations

A few years back we experimented with cement over Styrofoam props to see how that would turn out. (more details on that in another post!) Anyway, what we found is that these particular tombstone props, when kept under our cedar tree tended to grow creepy green moss on them naturally.

Halloween tombstone props for home haunts and outdoor yard decorations

Atlas, this is not a practical way of haunting out your tombstone with moss! It takes about two seasons and some wet weather before the moss begins to grow on your tombstone props.

But we just thought it was cool that some of our cement props had begun to grow natural green, and we just had to share! : )

Screaming Scarecrow Halloween Home Haunting fun with prop storageHalloween Home Haunts are great fun, here are some great benefits to storing tombstone and haunted graveyard props outside

Free Halloween Image: White Skull, Free Halloween clipart, free halloween artworkHave Halloween fun
growing the real stuff
for your tombstone props!
Cheers ScreamingScarecrow.


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