A Haunting in 2010…



The 2010 Halloween Season:
Continued – Part III

Holy Crap! A third post for our 2010 home haunt’s layout and Halloween party décor – either we setup far too many creature props and other decorations or I must be too long winded!

If you haven‘t started at the beginning with our 1st post on our 2010 Halloween home haunting antics and you want to – then start with this HAUNTED HOUSE RESURRECTED post.

Head rack full of black light skull props and latex scary Halloween masks

Leaving our living room (which was decorated literally floor to ceiling no joke, we even black out the ceiling with black plastic for that midnight crypt effect) we step up a couple of stairs into our Dining Room.

This room was turned into a dungeon of terror! Like most of the other rooms in the house we moved all the furniture out and into storage so that there’d be plenty of room for the goblins & ghouls that came to our Halloween party!

That’s right a week+ without any table or chairs! Creepy haunted house camping in the midst of a jungle Halloween props and decorum! For about 3 weeks, it really is insane living at our house!

The walls top to bottom were done in the dungeon stone scene setter and we decorated the ceiling with grey construction housing wrap which finished off the dungeon look nicely

Screaming Scarecrow Home Haunt decorating, Wicked Witch prop in her hell kitchen for Halloween

For the haunted displays we set up our wicked witch in her hell‘s kitchen while across from her using the pantry as an alcove we resurrected Vamparilla, our female vampire prop, for another Halloween season.

Of course there were plenty of skulls and skeleton props and couple more full size zombie props. After all if your party invite says, “Come and join us at our Zombie Lounge for a spectacular Halloween Howl“ you should really have a goodly number of zombies lurking around in the shadows!

Halloween party props and decorating, female vampire vamparilla

This year we didn’t recreate our full on torture chamber which had a working guillotine, stockade prop, executioners and much more – instead we turned our bathroom into a mini chamber of horrors. There were plenty of dark instruments of torture and a handful of unfortunate victims.

Haunted decorating display for Halloween party

Overall, even though the amount of work was once again ridiculous, we and those who joined us for our costume party or came trick or treating all enjoyed Halloween 2010. The new and the old scenes, props & decorations that were setup and of course we hope you do too.

Screaming Scarecrow Creepy Zombie Halloween Image, scary Haunted Halloween artwork of  a Zombie HeadThanks for checking us out!
Happy Halloween Haunting All Year Round!
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.


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