A Haunting in 2010…



The 2010 Halloween Season:
Continued – Part II

In this second post we’ll continue describing our Halloween home haunt’s layout and the different decorations that we setup and enjoyed for the return of our Halloween party.

If you haven‘t already read the 1st post of our 2010 Halloween haunting then and you want to; then go ahead and read and start out at the beginning with our HAUNTED HOUSE RESURRECTED post.

If not, then let’s get on with part II of this spooky tale!

Pictures of 2010 Halloween Home Haunt Screaming Scarecrow decorations and scary props, monsters and wall breaking prop

As you actually entered our house there were a couple of Hallway Henchmen monster props and a wall breaker prop waiting to greet & Meat you. Moving past these creepy and imposing guardians of the dark one then entered into what used to be our living room.

This space, made larger with the absence of any furniture, was our dance floor / bar area. We decorated it in kind of a wrap around manner.

Starting on one side continuing on with the haunted house theme there were haunted pictures and haunted bookshelves and a number of life size zombie props. We put ours together ourselves but have to admit that we were tempted by some of the cool zombies you can buy online!

Screaming Scarecrow living room decorations for Halloween party fun, Zombie props and haunted shooter bar

I get distracted easily by scary looking Halloween props, anyhow, with our homemade zombies, the room transitioned into a great looking Zombie Lounge shooter bar.

We made this bar on a step-up purely so we could put a row of green eyed skulls underneath it. That haunting effect turned out perfect with their eerie glow reflecting up off the dance floor! Row of green eyed zombie skulls Screaming Scarecrow Halloween decorating idea
Looking for Halloween music?

The Shooter bar was the highlight of our party which we billed as a Halloween Howl at our Zombie Lounge. With many a creature of the night picking their poison from crystal decanters poised on a black shelf in front of a mirror backing.

This mirror backing and some creepy, gothic looking, mirror candle holders made the whole creepy area appear larger because they reflected the haunted scenes back into the room. Over all an easy and interesting tip on how to make a decorated area look bigger on Halloween night.

Finishing off the raised step that was the bar area, in the corner, was our Grave Robber character who carried a pumpkin lantern prop in his bony fingers while cradling a his shovel and a toe pincher coffin homemade prop.

There were also plenty of Styrofoam tombstones and his whole scene transitioned into a Halloween cemetery scene complete with many tombstone props and even spooky dead trees which we brought inside the house. Do you want to see some of our haunted trees?

Come back and visit us again for another post when we cover our Dieing Room and bathroom

Halloween Image: White Skull props, Halloween clipart, Screaming Scarecrow halloween artworkThanks for Looking.
See you next time.
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

2 Responses to “A Haunting in 2010…

  1. Brenden (your neighbor in # 5) says:

    THIS SITE IS AWESOME ! can I be Jason and jump out at people?

  2. Screaming Scarecrow says:

    Thanks Brenden!! We always say, “You can never have too many haunters in the neighborhood!”


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