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We have a saying at out haunted house, “We love any amount and any kind of decorating for the Halloween Season!

When the leaves fall in the crisp autum air and the neighbors rake & stuff them into orange plastic pumpkin bags we think to ourselves, “Awesome! Another piece of Halloween Decorating on our street! Can’t wait to put up our decorations!

It’s true that some home haunters are a little more purist when it comes to setting up their Halloween decorations, sometimes even frowning on the simpler displays of their brothers and sisters in Halloween.

We Say All Halloween Decorating Ideas Are Good!
So go ahead and decorate!

Pumpkin Decorations are always a favourite for any spooky decor.

Fun Halloween decorating idea. Plastic vampire teeth for your jack o lantren pumpkin decaration at halloween time.

Carve out some extra decorating fun this Halloween with these plastic glow in the dark Pumpkin fangs.

Reusable every year, turn your Jac-o-lantren into a truly frightening decoration!

light up pumpkin decoration for halloween decorating your home or yard haunt, zombie hand and raven, Scary decorations

You know you can’t go wrong decorating with zombie arm holding a lightup jack-o-lantern.

And Raven Props always make for blood-chilling Halloween decor!

Perfect for the graveyard in front of a tombstone prop or maybe as a table topper.

Inflatable halloween decoration with jacl-o-lantrern pumpkins and black cat great yard haunt decorating idea at 12 feet high, airblown halloween prop for home haunting decor

Air Blown Halloween Decorations are everywhere! That is because they are fun and easy halloween decorating ideas

Plug them in and these light up props decorate the front lawn in mere minutes and tear down is just as easy! No wonder they are so popular!

Not to mention they come is all sorts of sizes and shapes!

Miniature Halloween decorations are a great way to get into the spirit of indoor Halloween decorating! Decorate the nooks & crannies of your crypt with these highly detailed haunted houses and figurines from Department 56.

These collectable miniature Halloween decorative pieces come in haunted houses, spooky characters and accesories like tombstones, twisted trees, cemetery gates & fences, skeletons, lamposts, scary trains and more.

There really is no end to the different displays your decorating imagination could come up with!

Indoor miniature Halloween decoration department 56 frankenstein collectible table decorating or haunted village diaramas Table top miniature department 56 Halloween decorations of haunted houses and creepy characters to add to your haunting decorhighly detailed halloween miniature decorations for your Halloween party decor.

Halloween Department 56 haunted village houses cute collectable figures for decorating your home hauntFun Haunting decor for the halloween fan who wants to decorate indoors in a miniature space with department 56 figures and decorationsunique miniature displays, haunted fun house. Great indoor decorating idea Dept 56 Halloween decoration

Wicked Halloween Witch Decorations, in our humble haunting opinion, are also must have creatures of the night for any home haunt or Halloween party!

Centerpiece decor, Classic Wizard of Oz wicked witch of the West Halloween table decoration

The wonderful wickedness of this classic icon could decorate your table during the Halloween season or any time you feel you need to get your witchy on!

Haunted Candle Decorations will shine a warm but spooky light on your Halloween decorating and props this year. And when those creepy candles are flameless that is a big plus for Halloween safety while haunting your home or Halloween party!

Halloween flameless candle decorations, Gerson Flameless Glow Candles with  Wax Drip Effect

These flameless Wax pillar Candles with Drip Effect by Gerson Company come in many sizes and shapes and shades of ivory.

Some of these candle decorations even have timers and remotes so that they could be used for haunted lighting effects in your home haunt.

No matter how seriously you take your Halloween haunting always remember to have fun while you are decorating – true you are setting your decorations up for the whole neighborhood to enjoy – but make sure that you decorate at a level with which you are comfortable so that Halloween decorating continues to be fun spooky year after each spooky year!

Screaming Scarecrow Halloween Image: Lurking leprechaunThanks for Dropping By.
Cheers Screaming Scarecrow.

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