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How we built a Shooter bar for a Halloween partyHow We Built A Shooter Bar For Our Halloween Party

Club Dread Construction… WIP


Dart Art 006



Jack the Ripper Halloween Artwork Image - Horror Jack the Ripper Halloween monster, Free Halloween Images
Halloween Art from my “Notorious” collection.
A ScreamingScarecrow haunt extraction original.


Now that the Halloween season is over and we’ve looked over this year’s pictures, the following 13 photos stood out for various reasons and as such they were choosen be in the 2009 episode of our Top 13 Halloween Photos!

So without any further adeu, Here They Are –

The Top 13 Halloween Photos of 2009…


The 2008 Halloween season was a good year for pictures because we discovered the Night Shot feature of our camera! However, it was a lousy year for recieving other people`s photos. Usually we get photos handed in to us from family & friends. I guess due to the brisk temps and the dampness of the night people weren`t in the snapping mood! I was distracted with fire marshal duties so in the end there were less pictures than I would have liked.

But I guess,“Geeze! I wish I had taken more pictures!“ is a common complaint among fellow haunters!

Regardless of how things turned out, Here They Are –

The Top 13 Halloween Photos of 2008…

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Top 13 Halloween Pictures of 2007… WIP


Halloween 2006 saw us build our second haunt structure and we took advantage of the indoor space by adding scare actors to our haunt this year! 2006 Snowed like crazy and it was pretty cold so we ended up with less pictures & poorer quality than we had in previous years but we had a ton of fun! You’ll just have to believe us!

Hope you enjoy the photos we picked out as our Top 13 Halloween photos for the season! Have a look at the rest of 2006’s prop pictures in our 2006 Halloween Photo Gallery

Here they are – The Top 13 Halloween Photos of 2006…


Halloween 2005 saw us build our first haunt structure. It was a simple structure, basically 3 walls and a roof but it allowed us to have some props out of the elements and transformed us from a yard display to a Halloween home haunt.

New for this year besides the structure was the walk thru coffin entrance, a static creature of the night prop named “Chicken Boy”, and game called we call the Body Part Toss Game, an authentic looking toe pincher coffin, and a new cemetery fence with cement columns.

We didn’t end up with a lot of pictures this year but once again we’ve picked out 13 photos as our Top 13 Halloween photos for the season. Enjoy! Also check out all the rest of 2005’s prop pictures in our 2005 Halloween Photo Gallery

Here they are – The Top 13 Halloween Photos of 2005…


We had lots of Pictures this Halloween season mostly because a good friend took a lot. Although there were many to choose from often times lots of pictures end up being the same shot with just minor variations of the same subject. Sometimes a little closer framing or a little farther. Or the camera’s orientation is turned from landscape to portrait. Among other things we are getting better at understanding photography and how important it is to capture the hard work that goes into home haunting.

Once again we’ve picked out our Top 13 Halloween photos for the season – we hope you enjoy them and take some extra time to check out the rest of the 2004 pics.

The Top 13 Halloween Photos of 2004…


Our first Monster Mud Prop! We called him Earl – at first we called him Franky because we were going to put a Frankenstein Halloween mask on him but the mask proportion was too small for the body so we ended up with this latex mask and changed his name. Of course like most home […]


Tarping the Halloween home haunt Constructing the Haunt Structure.

Each and every Halloween season that we’ve had a walk through haunt we’ve built the structure from ground up. From an empty driveway, empty yard area to a fully covered haunt structure that protects our Halloween props from the elements.


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